Who We Are ?

Fidco is the regional trade and investment promotion agency focused on building a resilient Egypt by providing cutting-edge and high-impact support to the private sector.  Through working closely with businesses to increase exports and attract investment, we contribute towards the creation of jobs, transformation of our economies and support Egypt to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


To be the leading Agency that drives Egypt economic transformation through private sector development.


We are committed to be great employer and a good corporate supporter, and we strive to be economically supporters in order to create a resilient Egypt.


What we do ?


We believe that eexporting can be profitable for businesses of all sizes. On average, sales grow faster, more jobs are created, and employees earn more than in non-exporting firms, therefore it’s necessary to expand your products all over the world, with a Comprehensive knowledge of procedures related to importing and exporting and each market needs we help to attract more clients to your business.

Real Estate

We provide local market intelligence to occupiers, investors and developers of residential and commercial real estate, with a reach extending across Egypt. We offer integrated expertise across all property sectors, including: office, retail, hotel, industrial, logistics, prime domestic, international and residential. As a full-service real estate business, our clients can seamlessly access definitive commercial and residential property advice, driving meaningful value and ensuring a cohesive approach, as they seek to effectively manage their global property interests.

Asset Management

We support investors to maximize the value of an investment portfolio over time while maintaining an acceptable level of risk in Egypt.

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What we do?

Importing and Exporting Private Label Development Real Estate Asset Management

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    Central Axis, Qism 6th of October, 1st of 6th of October, Giza,, Egypt
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Asset Mangment,


Asset Mangment,

Supporting Honeywell-Egypt on of the largest factories in the market to be back on track and spreading their products all over Egypt.

Real Estate Development

Real Estate,

Developing your unit is an important factor in order to stay comfort, choosing Fidco to improve your unit means that your dreams will come home.

Caker Egypt

Asset Mangment,

Caker Egypt

Asset Mangment,

Fidco is helping Cakers to improve their products and adding more products to the list, focusing on products variety and quality always succeed to increase profits for decades.

Exporting Department


Fidco's expertise are always ready to export your prodcuts for over 170 countries through our clients network.


Hotline: 01111135953

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What Our Customers Have To Say

El-sharief MansourOwner of Mansour Abu Al-Riyash Company

My business was mainly based on importing from abroad and I was having a hard time finding my resources so I worked with Fidco Import and started providing all the resources I needed and I didn't need to wait for overseas shipments to be delayed

Mr.Ibrahim ElsharkawyEgyptian tourism office owner

At first I was very worried about my business and was afraid of expansions in different fields, but when I cooperatedI I was afraid Fidco Investments and saw how everything is carefully Studied, analyzed and that the results matched my expectations, I finally felt relieved

Sheikh Abdul Samad SaadawiOwner of Abdul Samad Saadawi Company

When I decided to start investing, my friend advised me to work with Fidco , and although I had great confidence in him, I was still hesitant, until my friend told me about his investment returns, so I made the decision to work with them and I never regretted it..

Sheikh Khaled Al SaudOwner of Union and Takaful Company

I used to think that a company that works in more than one field can not be trusted and that focusing on one area is better for success and continuity until I met one of the Fidco management elements at a meeting of Arab investors, and I could not believe what my eyes saw that day

Eng. Tawfiq Al-QulisiOwner of bmc global company

In investment, I was the best foreign partner for the ease of signing and agreement with them, and for the provision of all the necessary tools by the state until I cooperated with Fidco and discovered that the Arab partners possess the same competence.

Anan MuradCEO at Murad Agency

When I established the Murad group of companies, I had a goal and a vision for my partners in success, I was choosing them very carefully because I wanted to cooperate with institutions that had the same professional standards as Murad and I found all this and more with Fidco

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